Signal Interference (2012) SZM078

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Duration: 7:30

Publisher: Suburban Zombie Music


  • Trumpet in Bb
  • MP3

This piece was commissioned by a former student, Stephen Cookus, for his senior Music Education recital at Baylor University in 2012.

About the piece:

The world is full of noise. In the background, in the room with you and in your mind. Signal Interference is a study in all these conflicting forces wrapped in a dressing of constant chaos and atmospheric dissonance. Not only are the messages of the world lost in the chatter, but indeed our own thoughts often fall victim to the background noise of humanity.

      This piece is much less about meter, pitch, melody, etc, and more about the performer and his/her vision for the performance vs. the continual interference of the world around us. The measures indicated here in the score should serve as a guide only for the approximate placement of each musical phrase, speed of performance and duration. The performer is allowed, and indeed encouraged, to take extraordinary liberties with each musical element and phrase in order to create his/her own “voice” in conflict with the “noise.” Notes, rhythms and other musical elements given here in print should very loosely communicate the intent of the composer as to content, but enjoy a unique interpretation from the performer at each presentation.