Four Sketches for Trumpet (2000) SZM016

Difficulty Level: Medium

Duration: 6:10

Publisher: Suburban Zombie Music


  • Trumpet in Bb
  • Piano

This piece is comprised of four interrelated sketches. Each of the movements presents a common theme in slightly varied for and much use is made, and emphasis placed on, the interval of a tritone. Movement one could almost be titled “a study in counting.” This movement is a lively discussion between the trumpet and piano, in which one or both instruments play in, around, and off of one another lines. Movement two is a variation of what can only be compared to a modern waltz perhaps. While most of this section is in division of three, there are enough subtle deviations from this traditional setting to set off the average listener. Movement three is subtitled “song.” This portion attempts to explore the highly lyrical and song-like abilities of the trumpet. Movement four is a return to the lively tempo of the opening movement. Once again, the piano and trumpet are set against one another in a race for the finish. This quirky final movement comes complete with a never ending (possibly) section of record skipping repeats near its conclusion.

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