Fantasy for Brass and Percussion (1998) SZM002

Difficulty Level: Medium

Duration: 4:30

Publisher: Suburban Zombie Music


  • Trumpet I, II, III, IV
  • French Horn in F I, II
  • Trobombone I, II, III
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Percussion 1 - Marimba, Sus. Cym, Wind Chimes, High Concert Tom
  • Percussion 2 - Marimba, Brake Drum, Xylophone, Wind Chimes, Crash Cym, Cabasa, Medium High Concert Tom
  • Percussion 3 - Marimba, Wind Chimes, Gong, Medium Concert Tom
  • Percussion 4 - Cymbal, Slapstick, Vibraphone, Triangle, Tenor Drum, Vibraslap, Wind Chimes, Ocean Drum, Sus. Cym, Woodblocks, Medium Concert Tom
  • Percussion 5 - Snare Drum, Gong, Slapstick, Tambourine, Wind Chimes, Rainstick, Medium and Medium-Low Concert Toms
  • Percussion 6 - Bass Drum, Sus. Cym, Large Concert Tom, 2 Triangles, Wind Chimes, Ocean Drum
  • Percussion 7 - Timpani, Sus. Cym, Wind Chimes.

The Fantasy for Brass and Percussion was composed in the fall of 1998 and premiered in the  spring of 1999 at Baylor University. I have always had a lively imagination and have become quite fascinated with the minds of children. This piece is my attempt to musically stimulate the listener to return to their youth and imagine the fantasies of a young boy. The piece occurs in four continuous movements: 1. Nightmares 2. . . . Escape on the Bicycle, 3. Sunrise over Snowy Peaks, 4. Tribal Escapades and Finale. Each movement has a different feel and personality that I believe accurately reflects the intended fantasy.

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