Desert Journeys (2012) Published by David Herring Music

A new and exciting flexscore from Jason K Nitsch - Take a journey across the desert sands, through mirages, oasis, and search for the lost city. 


Show - $600

Music and Percussion by Jason K Nitsch


Desert Journeys Mvt 1 - The Journey Begins

Leaving on your journey, excitement abounds, what mysteries and dangers await? No one knows but you are eager to begin!

Desert Journeys Mvt 2 - The Desert Mirage

As the journey progresses the drudgery of the endless sand plays with your mind.  Mirage's appear and disappear, making you see things you wish to see but just aren't there!

Desert Journeys Mvt 2 (Alternate) - The Sand Dunes

A more traditional ballad, "The Sand" undulated in slow rolling hills, while beautiful bely their deadly nature.

Desert Journeys Mvt 3 - The Lost City

Weeks on the desert sand, through water shortages and hallucinations you find what you seek. Its treasures, which have been hidden beneath the sand, are now yours for the taking.