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Challenger Series - grades 0.5 - 2 - Complete show packages for $1000


The Challenger Series of Marching Band Productions was conceived for emerging bands who are just beginning their march towards musical excellence. Flexible scoring alternatives and performance capability using limited instrumentation makes this series of productions perfect for smaller ensembles or groups with limited rehearsal opportunities.

Check out our list of Previous Clients!

Simple Combinations (2016) 

- composed for the 2016 Conally High School Band (TX)


Step Into the Light (2014) 

- composed for the 2014 Valley Mills High School Band (TX)


Simple Variations (2013)  

- composed for the 2013 Shamrock High School Band (TX)


Desert Journeys (2012)

- composed for the Flex-Score series at David Herring Music, this show has only four parts which can be assigned and distributed to your band in limitless ways to make your group sound great!


Shockwave! (2012)  

- composed for the 2012 Shamrock High School Band (TX), this show is sure to send reverberations throughout your area!


 American Visions (2011) 

- composed for the 2011 Progresso High School Band (TX), this production will bring any audience to their feet!