The Tower (2010 -Published by David Herring Music

The Tower was originally composed for the 2012 La Vega High School Band (TX)

Ancient legends speak of a long fabled tablet which contains the secrets of life, death and the known universe. Its power is endless, its energy is limitless and its holder is destined to control the world for all time. For endless generations the forces of good and evil have sought this knowledge for their own purposes. With its final hiding place secured and presumed lost for all eternity, the secrets of the tablet seemed safe from the hands of those who would abuse its knowledge and power. However the forces of evil are massing for one final attempt to harness its power.

A small band of brave knights and soldiers must embark on an epic journey in order to shield the tablets and the power they wield from falling into the wrong hands. With an ever decreasing lead over their pursuers, this group of saviors has tracked down the location of the lost tablet and must now retrieve it before it is lost forever. In order to do so they must evade capture by the enemy, avoid death by ancient booby traps and navigate the endless maze of corridors and insurmountable obstacles of . . . .

The Tower.

Wind Book with Competition Percussion Book $1100.00
Wind Book with Standard Percussion Book $700.00


There are two choices of opening movements, or you may perform one of them as an alternate closing!