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The Forge! (2011) Published by David Herring Music

Originally composed for the Caney Creek High School Marching Band (TX)

The forge, symbol of creation and destruction, steel is created, metal is transformed and mankind grows into its own. As Nietzsche says, "What does not kill you, makes you stronger"

Wind Book with Competition Percussion Book $1450.00

Wind Book with Standard Percussion Book $900.00

Mvt. 1 - The Hammer

The tool of the blacksmith, he hammers and shapes the metal, making it what he wills.

Mvt. 2 - Transformation

From ore deep inside the earth to hardened steel, the forge transforms all.

Mvt. 3 - Enlightenment

On the other side of transformation comes knowledge and enlightenment. Once again the forge has done its work.

Watch the Caney Creek High School Band performing "The Forge!" Drill design and music by Jason Nitsch