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Carnivore! (2011) Published byDavid Herring Music

In nighttime he lays in wait, on the prowl and perpetually hungry.  His prey tries to escape into the darkness but the carnivore draws ever closer until prey becomes meal.

Wind Book with Competition Percussion Book $1450.00

Wind Book with Standard Percussion Book $900.00

Mvt. 1 - The Darkness

As the sun goes down the carnivore emerges, ever hungry always seeking. Its prey hides in the night never knowing when the carnivore will find it.

Mvt. 2 - Tracking by Moonlight

Seemingly peaceful in the nighttime with the landscape illuminated by the faint glow of the moon.  In this peace the carnivore waits, ever seeking.

Mvt. 3 - The Hunt!

The prey has been spotted, the hunt is on, into the night the hunter and the hunter begin their chase for survival.